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Two news stories have caught my attention lately and they grasped my attention because of the hope they bring for the future for all of us who are lesbian, gay, bi or transgender.

One of these was about those who wanted to peruse training with the end result being ordained in the Presbyterian Church.  The story talked about the wishes of one woman being denied this opportunity because she was transsexual.  The Presbyterian Church recently passed a law which lifts the ban on gays and others in the community from being ordained.

The woman said “We are on the cusp, maybe, of no longer being a church of rules, but becoming a church of love,” Foote said. “Perhaps we too, can fulfill that dream of covenant.

This is in contrast to the United Methodist Church who recently charged a pastor with conducting ceremonies which celebrate homosexual unions and being a self-avowed practising homosexual.  She was found guilty of the first charge and innocent of the second.  The end result was viewed by many to be a slap on the wrist with a suspension of 20 days and a tasking of writing a “discernment in preparation for a process seeking to restore the broken clergy covenant relationship.”  This is viewed by many to be sign of things to come and will hopefully result in a change to the church law similar to the Presbyterian Church.

The other story was the end result of the experiences of one transsexual woman who “was called “it” and “he-she” and eventually denied treatment when she went to the ER on July 18, 2010, for a lung condition that was causing her to cough up blood.

The hospital in question responded to the complaints of the Equality and Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy Alliance and really cleaned up its act.  “This past week, the hospital earned high marks from the Human Rights Campaign for its commitment to providing a safe place for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender patients.

I know that we still have a long way to go before we’re accepted in this society but it is getting better one step at a time.



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