It really does my heart good when someone does the right thing. It would be better if they hadn’t had to be hit over the head with a hammer but if the end result is good then it’s all good. In this case the result only affects the one state but progress is sometimes one small step at a time.

What I’m talking about is a recent news article about the Denny’s restaurant chain in the state of Maine allowing all customers to use restrooms consistent with their gender identities.

Granted, a woman had to fight for it. The owner of the 6 Denny’s in Maine first had to answer a complaint filed with the Maine Human Rights Commission and then the same complaint in court. A settlement was eventually made.

That’s good news.

I have to remark on how the bad guys keep fighting equal rights for LGBT people. It’s going to come so why go through all the bother? You are fighting an uphill battle. When it comes to same-sex marriage, gay and lesbian people just want what everyone else already has – the right to marry. And all LGBT want to be free of discrimination. In Canada and the US gays and lesbians have this freedom for the most part. But there is resistance in granting this to transgender people. There is resistance to the basic right to marry. Thankfully public opinion is slowly changing and politicians are noticing this.

Thank God.


Denny’s reverses restroom policy on transgender use