The “I’m Sorry Campaign” is very encouraging. They are a group of Christians who are saying that they understand that wrongs have been done and are being done to those who are LGBTQ in the name of Christianity.

Why we’re saying I’M SORRY. We’re here to apologize for the ways that we as Christians have harmed the LGBT community.

THE I’M SORRY PLEDGE. We commit to listening to the stories of others and seeking to understand. We will strive to make things better for the LGBT community. We are here to join the celebration and affirm God’s love for everyone.

But then I’m sure there have always been Christians who have disagreed with the way their church has dealt with lesbian, gay and transgender people. I’ve read the Bible and Jesus teaches us to love, accept and help even the lowest people in society. Some churches blatantly disregard these teachings when it comes to those who are LGBT. The Bible also tells us not to judge and there sure is a lot judging done.

On this two churches stand out in my mind and they are the Mormon and the Roman Catholic. Don’t get me wrong as both do really good work and this includes with with LGBT. However, both have the view that, among other things, we’re on this earth to make babies and anything that interferes with that is wrong. So they are very much against homosexual behaviour. One can be homosexual as long as they marry the opposite sex, have babies and don’t have sex outside the marriage. As for transsexuals, the Mormon view is that God doesn’t make mistakes – period. The Roman Catholic view is that it is a radical and grotesque mutilation of the body.

Oh, I’m sure there are other churches that officially have problems with homosexuality and transsexuality but I’m not going to dig into them all to find out.

What is important is the general population are really not seeing this as a problem. They are slowly becoming much more tolerant of things like same-sex marriages. They are becoming aware that LGBT people are more likely to face discrimination and there should be laws to protect them. I hope that day comes soon.


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