I will be commenting on the good news as the stories roll in. I really like when I see there are signs of greater a acceptance for those who are LGBT and I think it’s worth talking about. Oh there are a number of groups who are very anti-gay and anti-trans and I’ll be talking about them in a future post. It’s more fun to talk about the good stuff though.

Today I want to talk about two stories, one on each side of the Atlantic. The first is from Ireland where the government has started the process to recognize the validity of transsexuals. When this legislation is passed there will be a three person panel and the person will have to present certain prerequisites: they have to be at least 18 years of age, have a firm intention of living in their true gender for the rest of their lives and have been living as such for at least two years. Also, they have to present a formal medical diagnosis or have undergone sexual reassignment surgery.

The end result of this process will have them granted a gender recognition certificate and be entitled to a new birth certificate with their true gender. I have a problem with having to wait two years and I’m not sure how useful the gender recognition certificate will be if they can change their birth certificate but it’s a start.

To digress for a moment, the other problem I have is that most of the European Union now have provisions for gender recognition legislation but Canada and the US do not. In Canada there are only a few provinces/territories that have it in place and in the US, the last I’ve heard, have 15 states. Neither country have federal laws in place. Some day perhaps.

The other story I want to comment on is one about an increase in same-sex couples living in Montana. In ten years the numbers have almost doubled. The reason is suspected of being an increase of acceptance for same-sex couples. I stated that in another blog entry that this acceptance is climbing and it’s really encouraging.

As Keith Olbermann stated in a Special Comment on Same-Sex Marriage:

It won’t destroy democracy, it doesn’t destroy the family, it strengthens the institution of marriage and it’s premise of fidelity and it increases the number of people living in stable and loving homes.



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