The repeal of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell law is going to completely eliminate discrimination against gays and lesbians who are serving their country, right? The answer is apparently no and I’m not talking the little stuff that blacks to this day still experience. I’m talking about a hard and fast legal law that separates gays and lesbians from everyone else.

When member a has a family, his or her partner receives benefits from the military. Their spouse can live in military housing, receive health or dental care on the base, buy life insurance subsidized by the military or shop at the base commissary, grocery store and gas station at a considerable savings. Thanks to that lovely piece of legislation called the Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) the military can’t recognize same-sex marriages. The partners who are legally married to their same-sex mates get none of this. So the end result is you have one set of rules for gays and lesbians and another set of rules for everyone else. This is so wrong!

Movement is in effect to get this fixed but it’s going to take time and may not be done until after the current president’s term where it may be undone again. In the meantime, ignore the hate groups that claim to be “Christian” and write your representatives and senators and tell them that this is not acceptable. The men and women in uniform need to know that the citizens are behind them, all of them, as they do service for their country. Fight for them with your notes and letters as they fight for you.


Same-Sex Marriage Faces Military Limits