Another way of looking at this question – of science or religions which has their head in the sand? The religious view is actually very easy to define and that is there isn’t any proof – period. They can then point to the Bible, for whatever worth it is, and say the Book is right and that homosexuality is a sin. That’s simple, right? Maybe not as I’ll be talking about the few Bible passages on the subject in a later blog entry.

While science has this huge and ever growing mountain of data that, while not one piece proves anything, altogether strongly indicates that homosexuality is natural and the cause or causes take place in the womb, in very early childhood or perhaps a combination of the two.

All the religious leaders can do is introduce the conjecture that homosexuality is caused in childhood as gender confusion, family dysfunction, or molestation. They are guessing with no facts to back them up. The only ‘facts’ they quote are the statistics on ‘ex-gays’, those who had been ‘made straight’ usually through reversion therapy (which, at least for homosexuality, the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association both condemn) and, of course, there are no statistics showing how many of these developed depression and/or committed suicide. They don’t mention those.

So who has their head in the sand? I think it is clear that it’s the religions who do. They are deliberately overlooking the facts and presenting garbage in it’s stead. Sure there is no proof but the evidence is overwhelming.


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