I was reading this article and was thinking how well a parent in small town Saskatchewan would handle their child coming out to them saying they were gay, lesbian, bi or transgender. I’m sure there may be people who are in their community who are LGBT but I doubt they’d be very open about it. Okay, I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t lived in that province for over 30 years and I have no idea what it’s like now but it seemed very closed-minded about some things when I was there.

Come to think about it there are a number of places that may be just as bad that way. I just happen to like Saskatchewan because my memories of the province and especially the people there are phenomenal. They may not have been knowledgeable about the world but they were open, honest and a welcoming people. I was so impressed.

Back to the subject – what do you do when your child comes out to you? I’m not going to get into the details of the article and if you’re a parent of small children I strongly suggest you read it, especially if you want to protect your child.

Okay, maybe I will talk about that one point. LGBT people tend to have a rougher life and a much higher percentage of them commit suicide. This is especially true of youth who may become subject to bullying and social ostracisation. I’m not sure which is worse to a child. I’ve had both so I know something about it. It takes a loving and caring family to help any boy or girl get over these hurdles. Educate yourself on whatever the child brings to you and I’m sure you’ll do fine

Come to think of it, many anti-gay hate groups say homosexuals have a shorter life. I’m willing to bet that a good number of the suicides that are caused by putting up with the garbage these groups spew really throws off that average. Please avoid these groups and love your child.

Love is the answer to so many of life’s questions and it certainly is with this one.



When a child comes out: tips for parents

As I learn more about LGBT issues I find more in the way of resources. This is yet another example of such. Please read I’m A PFLAG Mom – When your child comes out to you