This stuff scares me. I was reading a report yesterday that, of those LGBT people who’ve had violence committed to them, transgender women were at the top of the list. When I read this stuff I feel like I’m a walking target.

And then there’s the story about the Brandon McInerney case where he’s on trial for the murder of Larry King. King had started coming to school in feminine accessories and makeup, blowing kisses at McInerney and asking him to be his valentine. On the day before the shooting, King told McInerney “Love you, baby!” as they passed in the hallway. The next day in class McInerney shoot King twice in the back of the head.

The defence is going use the gay panic defence that has been used in more than 45 cases and it apparently works, at least in lowering the charge and amount of time served. But is it really a panic? King wasn’t in the process of hitting on McInerney when the killing takes place. My view on the word panic must be different from that of the courts because bringing a gun the next day doesn’t fit that word. The word it fits is premeditation. McInerney’s defence team admits that he killed him but that it was a heat-of-the-moment decision. King’s long time friend, Avery L, testified that McInerney had come to her the afternoon before and told her “Say goodbye to Larry because I wasn’t going to see him again” and this indicates to me that this was totally premeditated.

The thing that scares me is that if the courts allow panic defences of this nature then it’s going to be fair game to gun down homosexuals and transsexuals in the US and maybe in Canada too. I’m not a lawyer but that is how is seems to me.


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