I think it’s time I talked about me. I know that I have people following this blog – not a lot of people but some – and a number of them don’t know anything about me.

First of all I’m Canadian. I was born on our east coast in the province of Nova Scotia. If you’re from there I’m a valley girl just like my mother. My father was in the military and ended up serving all over Canada. A side note here that I joined the military later and have now lived in eight of our ten provinces – two of those provinces several times.

The other thing about me that you have already learned is that I was transsexual. I say was because I’ve had my operation and now feel I’m a complete woman. As the name of this profile says, I’m a complete Teresa with Teresa being my name.

I can’t express strongly enough how much of a fantastic feeling it has been to live as Teresa for the last 2 and a half years. I started living full time just before Christmas ’08. Well, not completely full time as I still had to work as something I wasn’t. Full time officially started 18 Feb ’09. It’s been a wonderful ride so far.

Maybe this will give you some idea of what it’s been like for me. I was really happy when I started living as Teresa full time. When I started hormones I became happier still and after my operation, even with the pain and a difficult recovery, I felt even happier. Not long after my operation I went out with some friends and sat using two chairs with the painful area kinda in the open in between and one of my friends said I glowed I was that happy.

Now I’m a woman and, as I desire other women, I guess I’m a lesbian. That confuses people. Before I could have a lot of women because not so many are lesbian but now I’ve restricted myself to those few. That maybe true but before the operation I had parts that just did not fit. Now everything feels right with my mind matching my body. It’s not completely healed right but it feels good.

Another thing that confuses people is that I’m married to a wonderful straight woman. So how does that work out? Well, I think the best way to explain it is that she is a one time pansexual. It doesn’t matter what body I have because she loves me for me. I feel so gifted that she is in my life to this day. Ten days after I got home from operation we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.

One thing that confuses me a little is my friends. Before I started this I might have had one or two friends at any one time in my life. Since I started transitioning I’ve been overwhelmed with them. I love it. Maybe it’s because I’m more me, more comfortable with myself, more open, accepting, and approachable that this has happened. Whatever the reason it’s been wonderful.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell. I’m always open to questions so if you have any drop me a line. I’ll be glad to answer.