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Why not? Here’s the thing, if gays and lesbians are known to be serving in the armed forces why have they not been honoured for doing so? It’s not as if the leadership didn’t know they were there. I personally think that if gays and lesbians have been serving and keeping it all under cover they should be recognised for their performance under this incredible stress.

Seriously, they’ve been under stress while doing the noble act of protecting freedom. We already know that service comes with a price and that price is less freedom than the citizens they are sworn to protect. Then the rule makers added to it in that a certain section of the troops can’t be who they really are. The United States of America is a country that believes they should be looked up to but Canada has allowed gays and lesbians to serve openly since 1993 and transsexuals since 1995. The US is just getting there now for homosexuals and who knows when they will for transsexuals.

Let’s face it, the military is a calling for some. There is nothing better than knowing you’ve done your part to support freedom, hold off tyrants, help the needy in areas of disaster and done your best to insure your country is the best it can be. This applies to everyone no matter what your race, sex, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity is.

So when I see places like Chicago honour gay and lesbian veterans I get a little misty eyed. You should too.

My thanks to all who’ve served,



Gay military veterans honored Tuesday