First of all I’m posting this entry incomplete. It’s not something I’ll be able to do in one go so if you read this now and read it again in a month from now it will have changed. And if you read it in two months from now it will have changed again. You get the idea? I’m just going to post a couple notes this time and add to it as I have more information.

Physical sex and gender are the same thing. There is a very distinct difference between the two and, in some cases, can be completely different.

As I’m a transsexual women I’m into men. As it turns out I have a few really good male friends but it will be a woman, and only a woman, who I will share my bed with. There haven’t been many studies on this question but most transsexuals will retain the sexual orientation they had before transitioning. So if one is into men before they’ll be into men after. I was into women and I haven’t changed. However, there are some, and it’s a rather significant number who have changed their orientation. Or not. It depends on how you think of it. Some appear heterosexual before and are heterosexual after. This means that, for a transsexual woman they wanted women while they were presenting themselves as a male and men as their true self as a woman. This is a guess on my part but I’m thinking that it’s a little over 25% of transsexuals who are like this but I have no studies to back up this statement.

Transsexual women do the change to fool straight men. This point follows the last obviously. Most TS women don’t want men. Those that do want men want straight men and that is because the majority of gay men want gay men. But, like most women, they want a partner to love them as they are. They want a man who is strong enough to accept that they had an operation to allow them to be sexually active as a woman. It goes without saying, I hope you understand, that they were a woman all along.

Transsexual women are really gay men who want men in a more socially acceptable way. In some parts of the world this might be true. In Iran it’s believed that anything not in the Quran is not a sin and transexuality isn’t mentioned while homosexuality can get you killed. Gays are counselled that having sexual reassignment surgery might be an option. I’ve also read that while Thailand is very open and understanding toward the Kathoey (ladyboys) they are not so tolerant of homosexuals. It’s my understanding that some gays have taken the surgery option toward social acceptance. These are anomalies and not the normal reasons to transition. In western countries this would not normally be sufficient rationale to go through the trials of transitioning. Taking the anti-androgen drug stops the production of testosterone and almost totally kills the sex drive. These drugs are also used on sex offenders to chemically castrate them. Add to this that 80% of the head of the penis is cut away to become the clitoris causing a high probability of never reaching orgasm again then sex of any sort is not a valid reason to have this surgery. The real reason transsexual women want to be women is that they are.

Those transsexual women who are attracted to women don’t need the operation. Sexual orientation and gender identity are two different things. I might be attracted to women but that has nothing to do with who I am. I am a woman and want to live my life that way. This might mean that I will have a smaller group of women to become my partner but this is a small price to pay compared to my becoming me.

That’s it for now and I do hope others can add to this. I know I will.

Some might support me and say “Whatever makes you happy.” I tend to think of it as “Whatever makes you be.”