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I like to use this blog to comment on recent stories that are in the news regarding the LGBT community. Today is Sunday and I’m lying on the couch relaxing before getting ready for church. Yes I go to church. There are a couple of articles where, when I first read them, I really didn’t know what to say.

Aleesha Farhana Abdul Aziz a TS woman buried in a Muslim cemetery with her male name and gender

The first story is about the transsexual in Malaysia who attempted to have her name and gender changed on her identification documentation. The courts refused to based on fact that there was no legal statue to do so and the sexual reassignment surgery wasn’t enough. Thank God that I live in a more enlightened society!

This whole story is just one indignity after another. The courts wouldn’t allow her paperwork to be changed because it had never been done before. I can’t imagine the level of disappointment she would have been feeling. I’m assuming that her death had nothing to do with this horrible letdown but it wouldn’t surprise me if it contributed in some way. To add to it she’s buried with her male name and gender. To top it off, the news stories report her as a HE. This story screams injustice from the start to the finish.

As much as I hate to say this the next story is worse. Uganda is trying to pass a bill where being a homosexual in that country is a crime worthy of the death penalty. As I said I’m lying here in my home where there are laws to protect me and dismayed that this is going on in other parts of the world. Well, I knew that in some predominately Muslim countries homosexuality already carried a death sentence but I was hoping that would be the end of it. Apparently other countries are making that law as well.

Really, I’m getting tired of all the hate in the world. In a short time I’m going to church to be reminded of Christ’s love for all of us. I need it.



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