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Okay, I couldn’t think of what else to call this one. The question of the day is “What does being transsexual have to do with job performance?” I’m pretty sure we all know the answer to that one – nothing. And yet many are fired if they come out or get caught in a background check.

The article I’m talking about today is one where the woman is an experienced cleaner and chef and was verbally abused and fired when her background check came back. There was nothing wrong with the check other than it revealed she was a post-op transsexual woman. Before this point she had apparently been praised for her work but the moment the background check came back she became “disgusting” or a “freak” and in need of a psychologist.

This is just so wrong. I’m very sure that we’ll never learn what was going through the head of the employers here but I’m guessing they believe transsexuals are deviants of some sort and that it would hurt their social status and business if it were found out that one was in their employ. I would think that in some circles having a transsexual woman in their employ would help their social status. I can’t think of any business where acts of discrimination would help it. Well, not anywhere that I’d want to work.

I’m so lucky with my employer. I’ve been here from before I started to transition, through the transition and after the operation with plenty of time off to recover. If there are any coworkers who have a problem with this they’ve been instructed not to say anything or harass me in any way. So the only thing I’ve really encountered are tolerance, acceptance and/or full support. It’s been wonderful. Oh, there are some who won’t say hi to me in the hallway but that’s to be expected I guess.

The sad part of this story is I’m sure we’ll never learn the outcome of this case unless someone in the media works to follow it. I’m hoping they do.

In the meantime, I’ll be watching for other stories to write about. I really need a good-news story. I haven’t written a “It Does Get Better” entry in some time and after yesterday’s entry I need it.

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Transgender housekeeper sues couple for firing her