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This subject keeps coming up and I hate it. I really think I did a good write-up the first time I tackled this issue. However, while Michele Bachmann is in the news so will be her husband’s counselling clinic. It is reported to to do conversion/reparative therapy to “cure” homosexuality.

The news story shown in the link below claims there is some debate over the value of this therapy. That’s a bogus statement as there is no value and really no debate. The following groups have declared this therapy for homosexuality to be worthless: the American Psychiatric Association; the American Psychological Association; the National Association of School Psychologists; the American Medical Association; the American Counseling Association; the American Academy of Pediatrics; and the National Association of Social Workers.

NPR showed parts of interviews with one ex-gay success story and one who attempted the therapy and had nothing good to say about it. Some of the comments to the story said this was unbalanced in that it should have had the one success story and the DOZENS of people that were harmed by attempting to do this. In my opinion there are no successes to this therapy because there is nothing wrong with homosexuality and that is one reason why all those groups are apposed to it. Most of the “success” stories are not “cured” but just have their needs suppressed. There have been cases where they have lived contented lives in heterosexual relationships. I have no doubt that they have slipped out from time to time to satisfy their needs.

In summary there is no cure because there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. Conversion/reparative therapy is harmful because it increases one’s self-hatred and, in some cases, does to a point where people commit suicide because their self-loathing is so great. Most of the few success stories end up slipping back because they haven’t been cured of anything.

The only reason these ex-gay ministries perform this is because they use these people as some form of proof that homosexuality is something developed as opposed to something that they are born with. I think this is garbage. Why not accept people for what they are? Please Michele Bachmann step down from this race so we can stop hearing about this foolishness.



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