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It’s humid today. I walked to “Curves,” a fitness establishment for women only, to check out the facilities and the price tag. I had signed up for a deal presented by WomenFreebies.ca where the first week with Curves was free. I think it was within an hour of my signing up online when they first gave me a call.

I’ve had my surgery and I’m taking my hormones but they don’t do much for the voice. Although I’m still practising my voice it still sounds male over the phone. I could tell that the woman on the other end of the phone was uncomfortable as their business is geared for women only. She was very subtle about it so I may have misread her completely.

I showed up right on time and the my visit was very pleasant. I guess the first week free is open to everyone new and it wasn’t really a deal because they always do this. However, there is a sign-up fee and this month it was half price. That is a savings of just under $50. Unfortunately I’m still under doctor’s orders not to get into vigorous exercise until I’m completely healed. She told me my only three forms of exercise were walk, walk, or walk. I prefer running or swimming but I can’t until she gives the all clear. Anyway, the price of the exercise was reasonable and if I can fit it into my schedule I may sign up.

After my visit to Curves I went to WalMart and picked up a couple things. Before I got there, however, I stopped at a coffee shop nearby and wrote most of this blog entry – longhand.

But none of this was the reason of this blog entry. I wanted to rant against the hateful people who discriminate against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender/transsexual people. Not only are they out there but they can even run for public office with this discrimination as as a campaign promise! I can’t believe it! The people I’m talking about are the Republican hopefuls who are trying to become candidates for the highest office in the US – that of president. And here I thought America was the land of the free. I guess it isn’t for everyone.

I guess the biggest complaint against LGBT people is the marriage equality issue. For some reason they think there is something special about a marriage between a man and a woman and something repugnant about gays and lesbians doing the same thing. To my point of view they are all very special and, if I’m present, I get very emotional no matter who is getting married.

Marriage between heterosexuals or homosexuals are the same thing. It’s the lifelong commitment to making a life together. One is no more special than the other. Then there is the subject of children and how they would fair growing up in such a union. The answer is they do just fine. In fact there are studies that have shown that the children tend to do better with gay and lesbian, especially lesbian, parents than with straight ones. The reasoning of this is that homosexual parents do better in dividing the responsibilities than heterosexual ones.

Another subject is that homosexuality is a choice. Anyone who has any education should be able to see just how wrong this idea is. The people who offer up this “theory” have two, and only two, “proofs.” The first of these is that there is no proof to the contrary. I really hope you can see the huge hole in this logic. As you must know, while there is not one thing that explains why people are homosexual there is a mountain of evidence that suggests that homosexuality is inherent. Almost every psychiatrist, psychologist and medical organization agrees with this. They also haven’t found the reason why heterosexuality exists either so is that wrong too?

Their other “proof” that homosexuality is not inherent is the presence of ex-gays. Yes, there are some people who claim that they were homosexual and, through prayer and therapy, now they are not. Of course none of the ex-gay ministries who perform this will reveal what the success rate or, more importantly, the failure rate is of such therapy. It’s actually the failure rate that provides the real evidence. Many of the candidates for this therapy come from devoutly Christian homes and already feel the self-hatred of their homosexual desires. The therapy increases this feeling of hatred and this does one of three things – it actually works to suppress their desires to the point they can live heterosexual or celibate lives, causes them to drop out of the therapy or, in extreme cases, causes them to be driven to such a point of self-loathing where they commit suicide.

It’s these failures that provide more proof to me that homosexuality is inherent. The failure rate and that the successes are not really cured of homosexuality where many do slip back into homosexuality after a period of time just add to the reality that homosexuality is truly inherent. If it were merely a choice it would be a lot easier to reverse and suicide would not be a result in my opinion. That may be why the same psychiatrist, psychologist and medical organizations disagree that reversion/conversion therapies “cure” homosexuality. These therapies just don’t work and are actually harmful.

I really can’t figure out why these people hate homosexuality so much. Granted their religions teach them this junk but not all agree with their teachings. The only religions that do this are Christian, Muslim and Mormon. However, for the Christians, not all denominations agree on this either. Some are openly accepting of gays, lesbians and transgender/transsexual people. Some of these are ordaining openly LGBT ministers. The Episcopal church even has a gay bishop for a little while longer. He’ll be retiring when he turns 65 next year. But then gays and lesbians are in every other occupation and doing a great job doing so.

Like I said, this hatred doesn’t make sense. Homosexuality has been called unnatural but it’s been pointed out that it exists in nature so that also doesn’t make sense. In fact, for every reason they come with there are arguments that these reasons are wrong. I guess these people are just hateful in nature and need someone to hate. Does this make sense to you?

Oh well, I just want to live my life and be happy about it. Just leave me alone to do so.


p.s. When I went for my walk today I brought with me a note book and a pen, among a lot of other things – my purse is big! I do this to work on my handwriting and my handwriting sucks right now but most of this blog entry is in that notebook. Oh, it looks really nice for a line or two but then I get inspired and my writing speed increases and my handwriting skills decrease. Then there’s the writer’s cramp. I don’t have a lot of endurance for handwriting anymore. I really need to work on it.