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A while ago I did a blog entitled “It’s All About Me” where I talked about myself and a bit of what it has been like for me as I transitioned. The article below reminds me that it’s not just about me and it includes a lot of other people. Transition is not only for me as it also allows other people to become accustomed to the changes in me. This, I found, was especially true for my wife.

Nothing we do is done in a vacuum. Transitioning is a big step and it effects everyone in your life. The person you were, in a sense, dies and a stranger takes your place. Your friends and family will all have to grow with you and learn who you really are. Hopefully those close to you will see the happier person you have become and rejoice that it’s happened. Gently correct them if they’ve made a mistake and used the wrong pronoun or even the wrong name.

I had told my wife early in our marriage that I liked to dress as a woman and, on one occasion, we went out with me dressed as such. I had mentioned a couple times about living full time as a woman and my wife expressed her dislike for that idea as she didn’t want to be considered a lesbian. About two and a half years ago events in my life had lead me to a point where I had to come out as a transsexual and I did. For a few days my wife was extremely cold to me and I let it go at first. After this time I pulled her over to me one night and I told her we needed to talk. I convinced her that I will always be the same PERSON she married. This seemed to be the key because everything returned to normal. She became a rock that I could lean on and throughout my transition nothing seemed to bother her and this included my operation. I love her deeply.

My coworkers have been great too. Oh, there are some who weren’t the greatest and there are some of them who remain as such but there is a constant changeover of people where I work and some who weren’t quite so accepting have left. One problem is many of them knew me before and those coming haven’t.

I just have to be thankful of all those who’ve touched my life during this journey and I look forward to those who do so in the future because the journey goes on.



Goodbye husband, hello wife