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I hope I never get used to religious organizations lying through their teeth when it comes to LGBT people. These lies are still glaringly obvious to me and, I hope, to many others. The latest is from the Roman Catholic Church in Illinois where they say that they can no longer handle adoption cases because they would be forced to go against their beliefs in regards to same-sex couples.

Not true or at least not entirely so. The state announced that they would no longer be renewing the contracts in regards to adoption and foster home placements with the church and all its affiliates in Illinois. So it sounds like the RC Church is “withdrawing” these services because it really has no choice rather than based on any belief. Okay, I’m not saying either side is entirely truthful but I will say that the RC Church doesn’t exactly have a great track record with LGBT issues.

Then there is another point when people say that the church had done so much work with the children that the state will have a hard time picking up the pieces. As the article, linked to below, states:

The National Organization for Marriage’s Maggie Gallagher, one of the most vocal opponents of gay marriage, argues that moves toward equality are “driving competent foster care and adoption agencies out of business” and hurting children in the process.

Again, that is not entirely truthful as there are a number of private agencies who are very willing to take up the load.

Really, it’s up to us and our allies to squash this kind of nonsense as soon as they bring it up. If we don’t do this the regular citizen, who wouldn’t know otherwise, will believe these lies and half truths and we can’t have that.



Is the Catholic Church a Self-Contradiction on Adoption?