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I love encouraging stories especially after reading about the four Republican candidate hopefuls who are poised to gang up on LGBT rights.

The first good story is the court shooting down that silly law stopping medical care, particularly hormones, for transsexuals in Wisconsin prisons. The three judge panel called it cruel and unusual punishment because it denies medical treatment. I agree that medical professionals, not the law makers, should make medical decisions for inmates or anyone else for that matter.

The second story is actually the end of a sad story where a transgender woman was attacked and beaten in a McDonalds restaurant. The older of the two attackers pleaded guilty to first-degree assault and a hate crime and the younger one apparently did the same in juvenile court. While the good part of this story is that the police did their job, it’s sometimes not always done with attacks on transgender people.

The last story is an example of cops not doing their job only it doesn’t deal with trans-women but with lesbians. Five women were physically assaulted by two men. They were called “dykes” and “bitches” before the attack took place. The cops who responded to the complaint didn’t even file a report. They even had a suspect but they let him go! Thankfully the story doesn’t end there with the police chief stating she was appalled over the conduct of the officers who responded to the scene. There will be an investigation and the cops in question may be looking for a job if the investigation goes in that direction. I really think the cops should be charged as accomplices after the fact but I’m sure they won’t.

Just to set the record straight I have nothing against the police. It’s a job I wouldn’t want to do and I’m glad they do it. I just want them to really do their jobs especially with crimes against LGBT people. No, I’m not asking for anything special, just what everyone else gets.

That’s the whole point of LGBT rights. We don’t want anything extra, we just want what everyone else has. It looks like it’s slowly happening one step at a time and it’s these steps I want to shine the light on and sign hallelujah when they happen.

Is that so wrong?



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