In the US there is a human rights campaign set to visit 17 cities to “raise awareness of the lack of gay rights laws in several states.” That is a great idea as education is always a good thing and the more people who are aware of the problem the easier it is to get it fixed. Right now a majority of Americans favour LGBT rights and I’m sure that it’s because many Americans have learned that gays are not the degenerates they once thought they were. For the first time a slim majority of Americans believe that same-sex marriages should be legally available with all the rights and privileges of opposite sex marriages. But that is different from one state to the next.

This campaign is starting in Utah where LGBT rights are supported by 77% of those surveyed but 63% oppose marriage equality. People are slowly beginning to understand that homosexuality and transsexuality are not choices. I’m beginning to understand that, as many people ‘come out’ late in life, those who don’t understand feel this is a choice. When someone who has been a husband or a wife for a number of years and has children all of a sudden “becomes” gay, I can see how many would think it a choice as opposed to something inherent. The story is similar with transsexuals. Neither are a choice, it’s just something that we’ve had to live with and can no longer do so anymore. This is who we are , we were born this way and it’s not our fault.

Thankfully homosexuality is no longer considered a disease or disorder. Transsexuality still is classed as a disorder but there is hope that will change too. Neither are against the law. Both have always existed from the time history was first recorded. It’s just with the coming of Christianity and the two offshoots of it – Islam and Mormons – that it became a problem. There are passages in the Bible that have been misinterpreted and used as such against homosexuals. I hope everyone understands that the word didn’t exist until the 19th century and there is not one word like it in the Bible. Well, some translations use the word but it doesn’t have a corresponding word in the original languages (Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek) of that time so you can’t tell me that the translation is accurate.

I just know that Canada isn’t perfect either but we try.

To all my friends who read this I just want you to know I love you and will chat with you when I can. As I’m posting this I’m not feeling well and called into work sick. I hate that as I had some things to do that I really wanted to get to. Oh well, I should be feeling better tomorrow.