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Here we go again. Another business has sent away a paying customer because of their sexual orientation. I’m sorry people feel they can be this way. The problem is there are two types of businesses. One requires a membership, like CostCo, in order to shop there and another is open to the public. I’m not a lawyer but I’m pretty sure that once you open a business you have to take what customers come through the door.

If this business had a sign in the door that said they don’t serve a specific group of people they’d be in hot water legally pretty quick. So what does this owner think when she tells a lesbian woman that she can’t shop there? It’s may put her in court explaining her reasons for discriminating against a group of people in a state that allows civil unions of same-sex partners. I don’t think she’d have a lot of luck.

The owner will be meeting with the bride’s parents so it may be all cleared up shortly but if not I hope she hires a lawyer.



Bridal Shop Turns Away Lesbian Customer