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For those who have just discovered my blog I’ll point out that all I do here, for the most part, is comment on news stories covering LGBT issues. I do, however, talk about other things like myself or passages in the Bible that have been misinterpreted and used to justify discrimination against LGBT folks. Some of the news stories are very nice and seem to show promise of hope for the future and some of these stories show a forecast of hate and discrimination that may never be wiped out. This story is one of hope.

If one were to judge from the crop of Republican Party presidential hopefuls that to be republican meant you had to be anti-gay I’d say you were right. However, this is not always true it seems. Some republican politicians do support gay and lesbian rights. I hope that they also support transgender rights too. The article below does seem to indicate that not all want to discriminate against a group of fellow citizens.

New York recently approved marriage equality for the citizens of their state. On the face of it this is wonderful but it really shouldn’t be a big deal as the United States is supposed to value freedom and yet restricts it for some. The ‘some,’ in this case, are gays and lesbians. On this point I have to ask the question “Can any country that claims to be ‘free’ yet practices discrimination really be truthful in this claim?” I think not.

But I digress. The story I’m writing on is about two NY Assemblywomen of which one’s son married his same-sex partner recently. Both of these women attended and the next day the other attended the wedding of her niece and same-sex partner. Both these Republican Party Assemblywomen had gone against the majority of their party and spoken out in their support of marriage equality. That’s understandable. It’s easy to think of homosexuals as evil degenerates until you get to know them and these women certainly knew at least one. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again; homosexuals and transsexuals are in every walk of life and are just like everyone else.

These two Assemblywomen give me hope that things will change. I hope I’m right.



Local Assemblywomen’s family members wed in same-sex ceremonies