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I’ve talked about hate-groups before and I’m taking about them again but this time in the context of transsexuals. Whenever anther group is granted discrimination protection there will always be someone who will be whining no matter what the group is. There is a very good reason why these groups need to be added and that reason is usually easy to see by those who think logically. Sadly, though, it’s readily apparent that not everyone thinks logically.

Let’s look at what these protections are for: they protect a transgender individual from discrimination against access to education, employment, housing or public accommodations and these protections are desperately needed. One small point in regards to accommodations is the use of the proper washroom and change rooms. These laws cover a lot more than this but it’s the only point those in opposition can talk about and it’s entirely bogus.

The main argument states that these laws will open up these women only facilities to male predators. The hate-groups tell us it will allow them to claim they are gender variant and they expect the protections of anti-discrimination laws. Please think about this for a moment. There are already men dressing as women, going into washrooms and change rooms and committing crimes while doing so. What do women do in a washroom? Women, and this includes those who are transgender, go there to use use the facilities as they were intended, maybe fix their makeup and possibly chat with their friends. Mothers of infants might use them to change their baby’s diapers. Exhibitionism, voyeurism, rape, assault, etc are crimes and no anti-discrimination law will stop them from being arrested. Do you get my point?

Anther part of their argument is that these transgender women are really men. I’m sorry but that’s not the case and anyone who does a little research into the matter will see this. Again, please think about this. There is an article about one transgender youth who was using the girls washroom in the school she was going to. The hate groups who talk about this called her a boy with “gender confusion” and use this as and example in the fight against transgender rights elsewhere. A half truth of course but that’s the way they operate.

Just a note that there is no such thing as gender confusion. It’s a term used to discredit the diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder (GID) and has no basis in fact. It’s talked about in a pamphlet by the American College of Pediatricians who are a small group of 60 to 200 members who have been described as “a group masquerading as a legitimate medical organization while spouting religious right dogma about the LGBT community.” The American Academy of Pediatrics has somewhere in the area of 60,000 medical professionals and their information is much more in line with the medical science of this day.

Most transgender women already have problems, especially at first, even stepping out of their home presenting as a woman. Do you really think they will do anything to draw attention to themselves? They will use the facilities, wash their hands and get out. Come to think of it many of my women friends tell me the same thing when they use public washrooms. Those who use the “bathroom bill” arguments have yet to show one example of where a transgender woman has engaged in a predatory manner in any public restroom or change facility.

In summary, these “bathroom bill” opponents arguments are nothing else but fear mongering. They really need to show that transgender women are acting in a preditary manner in public bathrooms and change rooms. They then need to prove that these transgender women predators are acting more frequently in states and localities that have these anti-discrimination laws in place.

Really, we just want to live our lives as the women we are. Why would anyone have a problem with that?



United States: Connecticut Prohibits Gender Identity Or Expression Discrimination

I found the link below after I first posted this and I hope no one has read this blog entry yet. It’s about the law passed in November 2009 for the city of Tampa Bay, Florida and one of the members of council is a minister.

Scott, who is running for mayor in 2011, said he wasn’t intimidated by those who threatened not to vote for him if he supported the ordinance.

“The only vote I care about is God’s vote,” he said, noting that as a county commissioner he voted against gay issues.

But the United States, he said, is founded on the principles of freedom and choice.

And as a preacher, he asked himself, “What would Jesus do?”

“I believe that Jesus loves every person in this room,” he said. “I am a Christian. I am a pastor. I am a disciple of the man whom they call the friend to sinners.”

Ultimately, he said, the ordinance is about protecting people from discrimination.

Other members of council had this to say:

Council members Mary Mulhern and John Dingfelder referred to the Constitution.

“We’re not in church. This is your Tampa City Council and we’re legislators,” Mulhern said. “When I look at my responsibility here, it does have to do with, as one of the speakers said, liberty and justice for all.”

The council decided to broaden its human rights ordinance to include gender identity at the request of the city’s Human Rights Board.

“The bottom line is discrimination is wrong, and history has proven that expanding the civil rights of our citizens is the right thing to do,” said Philip Dinkins, the board’s chairman.

I don’t think you need to explain it any clearer than that.


Tampa City Council passes antidiscrimination rules for transgender people