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I think I’ve made it clear that I hate the marriage pledge drafted up by the hate-group National Organization for Marriage and signed by the Republican Party presidential hopefuls Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. I personally think that pledging discrimination against a group of citizens is the wrong start to a political campaign in any free nation.

But that’s not what I’m writing about today. As bad as that sounds it’s not really that bad when you think of the big picture and by that I mean look at other countries in the world. In this case it’s Iran. Oh, Iran is a very ‘happy’ country if you are transsexual as they are accepted there to some degree. The government, as I understand it, will even pay for the surgery. But don’t be a homosexual there.

Being openly homosexual in a lot of predominantly Islamic countries can get one killed and Iran is no exception when it comes to that. The two articles I have links to below talk about that. In the first article two gay lovers escape to Canada. The nice thing is Canada is a free country where people can be themselves without being killed for it. If you doubt that they would have been killed in Iran just read the second article I have linked below. You’ll see they don’t mind killing two young males who are just starting their lives as adults. This wasn’t ancient history as it was just over a month ago on 19 July 2011.

We can’t really do much with the Islamic countries but we can do more here in the United States and Canada. We just need more politicians with backbone and the only way we can do that is elect them. Don’t believe that you can not make a difference – you do so every time you cast a ballot.



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