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I so love it when I hear about a politician who acts like a grownup when doing his job. We see so little of that now. But then all I’ve been hearing are the Republican presidential hopefuls saying how they will do their best to amend the US constitution so that a marriage is between one man and one woman. In other words, they want the United States Constitution to have it there in black and white that the US is fine with discrimination. The Land of the Free, right?

In 2009 the Iowa Supreme Court unanimously decided that a ban on same-sex marriage violated the state constitution. Right now the Senate Majority leader for the Iowa Senate is refusing to let the voters decide whether to amend the Iowa Constitution to ban these marriages. I think this is someone I have to admire. He’s willing to lose his job, not that he thinks he will, over this stance. He will not allow the Iowa Constitution to be used for discrimination on his watch. Good for him.

Let’s not talk about the separation of church and state because I think the intent of that was to keep the state’s paws off of everyone’s religion. Let’s talk about freedom of religion. You have the right to believe and worship whatever faith you wish. However, when your religious views get in my face and affect my life then you are violating my freedom. When you say your interpretation of certain biblical passages are more valid than mine I really have to wonder what planet you are from. Go to your church, read your Bible but stay our of my life and I’ll stay out of yours.



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