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Yes, I do get nervous when I read about some of the horrible things that are being done to transgender women around the world. One study that was done on violence to LGBT people found that half of the incidents reported were to trans-women. And trans-women were among the least likely to report these attacks so you know the numbers are actually much higher.

The story today is about a teen who was coming home from a skate park where she was attacked by a woman with a baseball bat. Just before the attack the woman apparently said “I don’t want to see you around the skate bowl anymore.” That attack left the girl with a subdural hematoma and a portion of her skull had to be removed to treat it. Ugh! The girl already had learning disabilities with her social skills being reduced as a result.

Stories like this make me nervous because they could be about me. I know that Canada is a much more liberal country than the US but we still have ignorant people, we still have “Christians” who say nasty things about people like me and I know that there is an increased risk that I may be assaulted or killed just for being who I am. Not as it would stop me as I like being me.



Parents asking for help after daughter’s attack