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There are a lot of misconceptions about gays, lesbians and transsexuals and they are, in part, why discrimination towards us is so prevalent. Please keep in mind that I’m not a mental health professional nor am I a scholar in any way. I’m just someone who’s interested in this subject. Let’s talk about these misconceptions.

First off I’m not making a numbered list of these but the number one misconception has got to be that this is a choice. No it is not and that’s where the arguing starts. There is no proof that homosexuality or transsexuality is inherent. One of the problems is that with homosexuality there may not be any self-awareness of this until puberty. To make matters worse there are many (some?) who will live as heterosexuals, including having children, until they reach a point where they just can’t anymore. From this there are people who think that some “decide” to become lesbian or gay.

Transsexuality is a little easier to prove in that it can appear at a much younger age. Some say gender variant people will know anywhere from the ages of 5 to 8. That’s long before any sexual interest develops. However, many of them will find themselves in families that will not accept it and they end up suppressing their needs until a much later time in life. There are many transsexuals who do not come out until their children have grown up and are out of the house. People in their 70s have been known to transition. Again, this may appear to be a choice and it isn’t. Even though a person may be in their 50s it just means that they have lived their lives as the wrong sex until they have reached a breaking point.

Another point is that there is no proof that homosexuality is inherent. Just because something can’t be proven doesn’t mean that it can’t be possible. On the other hand, there is no proof that heterosexuality is inherent either. Please think about that for a moment.

Another misconception, like the one above, is that homosexuality can be learned. This one is very important to understand because it scares the hell out of parents. Right now there is a movement in progress to stop Californian schools to not teach about LGBT people in history because it sexualizes it. It does nothing of the sort but it does make a lot of parents nervous that this could turn their children homosexual. To be honest if there were any chance that this could happen I’d feel the same way. But there is zero chance that they will learn to be gay, lesbian or transgender children.

The proof of the above is that there have been a number of studies of gay and lesbian parents and these studies have all shown that children of these parents are no more likely to become gay than children of opposite sex ones. You would think that having homosexual parents would have a much bigger impact than a couple of classes in school. You also have to remember this – all homosexual children had to originally come from straight parents. There are stories about homosexuality existing since the dawn of recorded history and this, of course, predates any television, movies, magazines, newspapers or school. If homosexuality can be learned where did those in ancient times learn it from?

Some transgender children know before they start school and many know long before they learn what it is that they are. All education will do with them is to help them understand more about themselves and it will certainly not cause any child to become trans.

The last one I wish to talk about is that gays and lesbians really want to be the opposite sex. Again, that’s a no. Transsexuals want to live and have operations to become a member of the opposite sex but gays and lesbians just want to be themselves. Lesbians may emulate men with dildos and the like when having sex but sex is just a small part of a relationship no matter if you’re gay or straight. Lesbians just want to have sex and live with women. Even though they might use a phallic object for sexual intimacy they are still making love to or being made love by a woman. Lesbians don’t want to be a man making love to a woman they want to be a woman making love to a woman.

There are a lot of really stupid misconceptions that I’m not going to get into because this is a blog and not a book. If you would care to leave others in the comments please do and I’ll reply to them as you do. I’m hoping that this will increase the understanding of those who will read it.