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Really, there really isn’t a better word for this than hatred. I’ve known for some time that some “Christian” churches hate LGBT people and I feel this is horribly wrong and against the teachings of Christ. Seriously, Christ said that the greatest commandment was to love God and the second was to love others. These displays of hatred are unchristian.

The very first paragraph of the article linked below says:

An antigay megachurch is moving into an ultraliberal, LGBT-friendly section of an ultraliberal, LGBT-friendly city — Portland, Ore.

This is a church that has a tradition of being anti-gay so why are they moving into a very LGBT-friendly area of the country but spread their hatred? There are expectations that the new church will fail but I still put this in the same category as the Westboro Baptist Church with their extreme anti-gay protests at the funerals of those military members – heros – who were killed in combat. Ugh!!!

Oh well, I can only hope that the Mars Hill church develops Christian values and accepts the community it has moved into but I have my doubts this will happen. God loves all His children and Christ had shown his love to the most rejected people of his time – tax collectors and lepers. Should we be doing anything different?


If we use religion for division and more sloitude, that’s wrong and destructive. But it’s the person who uses it who makes it wrong, not the religion – Dalia Lama


Gay-Friendly Portland Gets Antigay Megachurch