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On Wednesday night I was at darts and this was the first night of the season. I play in a women’s league and I normally have a lot of fun. Because we live in an imperfect world we have people who smoke and people who can’t stand it so we play every 2 or 3 games and then the smokers go out for a cigarette. When I started writing this we had just finished our third game and were taking such a break. We’re down 2 games to 1. I had brought my brand new netbook and I took it out while taking a this break. So here I am at my little computer typing away.

I started as a spare with this league about 6 months after I started transitioning and I seemed to be accepted quite well. The next year I was a regular member and this is my second season as such. The ladies darts is part of the fun stuff of being a member of this veterans club.

This is a veteran’s club and, as anyone who’s been in the military for any time knows, members in the military are used to change. I’m sure one like me would have been sent packing 20 years ago but this is a different time and many are much more accommodating. At least the ladies are. This veteran’s organization is fairly closely associated with the base and as I’m a serving member of the Canadian military who accepts gays, lesbians and transsexuals they would have had a really hard time refusing my membership.

I’ve heard through the rumour mill that there have been some nasty comments mostly from the male side and some remarks have come from the ladies as well but none were made in my presence. Thankfully those comments from the women seem to be more concerned with my dart playing ability and the belief that my formerly being male might have given me an advantage. I don’t think so because even when I’ve been at my best I’ve known female players who were better than me. If I have any advantage at all it’s because I practise. Even with the practising I’m no where near as good as I once was.

I’ve encountered some negativity during my transition but for the most part I’ve been very happy. I’m hoping the rest of my life goes so smoothly and I hope that it would be likewise for all transsexuals. This is not a moral issue, it’s not a religious one either, it’s a medical one and there is no need to look down on us any more than you’d look down on anyone with a birth defect. Yes, I suppose you could call it a birth defect but, now that I’ve had my operation, I feel perfectly fine.

Like I said, I’m happy and anyone who has a problem with that can …… Okay, I’ll be nice as I’m supposed to be a lady. As for the night of darts, we won 5 to 2.