On problem some transgender women have is that they have to learn in a short time what other women have learned over the course of their lives. It’s not easy to learn all this stuff. The biggest thing to learn is that some men can be jerks.

I was talking to a transgender friend this morning on the internet and she was telling me about an experience she had the night before. She and a few of her friends went out for a couple drinks to a local bar. Her friends had left and she was just finishing up her drink when a man approached her and tried to swat her bottom. She grabbed his wrist and warned him that another attempt might be painful. He did try again so she paid for her drink and left the bar. The man followed her but she evaded him easily.

She still feels bad about the incident but I think she handled herself rather well. I could be wrong because I’m not any better equipped to handle situations like this than she was. What do you think?

Those who have grown up as a girl and then as women learn how to deal with situations like this either from direct experience, from family or from friends and those of us who start much later in life may not have any of those resources. Too bad there wasn’t a book on this but, to my knowledge, there isn’t.

But then would a book be enough? Maybe an encyclopaedia set might be better. I know from my own experience that there is a lot to being either sex but most of us have absorbed it over a period of time and have no idea how much information that is.

I know I still have a lot to learn and the learning may or not be easy. I’ve yet to find a woman friend I can talk to about things like this, one who would drop by frequently and we could chat about a complete range of subjects. I have lots of friends but not really good ones who live close by like a neighbour. I have family but the only woman is my sister who lives over a thousand miles away and has her own life. I have online friends who are very supportive but we don’t share a lot of this kind of information.

Oh well, life goes on and the good thing about my life is I can live it now as me and you have no idea how uplifting that can be.