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Keith Ablow has specifically targeted Chaz Bono in his articles. I don’t know why because the science he talks about does not exist. If you googled “studies post operative transsexuals” you would very quickly find the International Journal of Transgenderism – Volume 2, Number 3, July – September 1998 – that clearly states “Overall satisfactory post-operative results are reported of 87% for male-to-female transsexuals (MFs) and 97% for female-to-male transsexuals (FMs).” This was written by professionals who specialize in the treatment of transsexual people. This information I found with 30 seconds of research and I know there is a lot more out there.

Keith Ablow has found an easy target to point his transphobic hatred against. As one writer put it, Chaz Bono is as screwed up as a football bat but that is no excuse for Mr Ablow to attack his performance on a show the good “doctor” has yet to see. Not only is there no evidence that watching a transsexual person on television will influence anyone to becoming transsexual but, as the show has yet to air, there is no evidence that there will be any mention on the show that Chaz was once a woman. This is 100% the OPINION of someone unqualified to voice one.

But there is evidence that there are a lot of television programming that is not fit to watch by adults yet alone children. Mr Ablow has not made any comments about these shows and how damaging they could be to those watching them. Not one comment about any television until the announcement that Chaz Bono was going to appear on Dancing With the Stars. He hasn’t even watched the show before becoming an expert on it. This is an expert who isn’t specialized in transgender care yet feels he can make comments on it. All I can say is amazing.

For the record I am a post operative transsexual woman who is extremely happy that I’ve taken the path I’ve travelled to become a woman. I’m in the Canadian military and have served my country for 33 years and I’m still doing so. When I first started my journey I had a couple of sessions with a general psychiatrist who was at a complete loss at what to do with me. He quickly found another who specialized in transgender care. Maybe that is what Mr Ablow should do, leave the psychiatry of transgender patients to those who know what they are talking about.



International Journal of Transgenderism – Volume 2, Number 3, July – September 1998

It’s not a criticism; It’s an observation