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It’s so incredibly sad that most American gays and lesbians can’t marry their life partners because of the discriminatory laws in the US. What is even sadder is I doubt those laws will ever change in some locations.

It’s hard on the lives these laws directly effect but it’s hard on businesses too. Let’s face it, there is money to be made in marriage and, as marriage equality is not available in some states, the business goes elsewhere. I understand New York state is doing rather well in that respect.

I said I doubt the laws will change and that’s because of recent polls. Yes, they show that somewhere around 50% of Americans believe that gays should be allowed to marry with the same rights as opposite sex marriages but over 40% are very, very opposed. That 40% include the southern states where I think 30 have included in their constitution that marriage is only between a man and a woman.

I was looking at some photos of gays and lesbians who had gotten married in New York recently and they looked so happy and the pictures were so full of emotion that I had to wonder who could ever deny them this. But then I’m a Christian who believes that you have to love your neighbour as yourself and the least shall be first. I so love Christ and His teachings.



53% say government should legally recognize gay marriage