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I haven’t written in a while but I most likely will when I feel the need to step on my soapbox again. This time I want to address what someone said about my blog in hers. For the most part her comments about my blog “Misconceptions” were mean-spirited but one statement I found really interesting.

She quoted me as saying “You also have to remember this – all homosexual children had to originally come from straight parents.” It’s true that I did say that but she went on with “Teresa needs a biology lesson here as she is of the opinion that only straight parents can have children. Wrong.” Well, first let’s talk about biology. Is there one case where a woman became pregnant without some input by a man? To my knowledge there hasn’t been any human cloning done – yet. The only case where a woman became pregnant without a man took place some 2000 years ago and that required a God to intervene. So, my biology is correct.

But what was the point of my statement? The point I was making is that there is no, I repeat no, credible source that states that being raised by homosexual parents will make one gay. Do I really have to spell that out? There are a number of straight parents who fear that having their children exposed to homosexuals in any form, even in text books, will somehow make their child gay or transgender. Even watching a transsexual on television will apparently make children want to become transsexual according to one psychiatrist and former talk show host Dr. Keith Ablow. Thankfully, the president of the American Psychiatric Association quickly put a stop to that nonsense – if anyone listened.

Yes, Ellen Degeneris, Kat Corra and many other lesbians have children and are raising them in loving homes. The question is – is there any evidence that these children are destined to become homosexual just because their parents are? The simple fact is there isn’t.

Oh, by the way, thanks for advertising my blog.