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It is over, for now.  I’ve been harassed online by a particularly nasty individual.  I know that I’m not the only blogger she’s attacked on her blog.  She’s also gone after Jullian Page and Autumn Sandeen.  But the one who was attacking is gone for now.  Well, her blog is, at least temporarily.  I’m sure she’ll start it up again and post more nastiness in the future.

Oh well, that is the nice thing about the blog system and that is you can say whatever you wish as long as it’s legal to do so.  It pleases me that my blog has had over a thousand hits since I stopped writing although it puzzles me as to why.  I’m not saying anything new and my writing isn’t really exceptional by any stretch of the imagination.  I’m just putting my two cents in on subjects I feel are important.

I was watching the Democratic National Convention over the past three evenings and was encouraged at how well the speeches went.  I’m not American but the idea that one of the political parties in the US has officially adopted marriage equality on it’s platform is outstanding.  Their theme for the election seems to be Forward – Not Back and the marriage equality issue is a strong indicator that they intend on doing exactly that.  I have strong hopes that they get re-elected and do carry out that promise.

Before I sign off I just want to say that I’m back and will be writing what I can on anything in the news regarding the LGBT.  Be well everyone and if you’re transitioning I hope it goes well.