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It’s pouring down rain so my satellite feed is gone.  Not that there is anything worth watching on a Saturday morning.  So I started looking around at the LGBT news.  Some of the news is sad, some encouraging and some even helpful.

I say helpful because the story I want to talk about fits in all three categories and one of the end results is helpful.  I’ve been following the story of Washington state and the fight there for marriage equality.  The group Washington United For Marriage has a website.  Really, there is nothing particularly impressive about the site except for one link.  I obviously really like this link because it leads to a file that I think would be a wonderful resource for anyone who believes, as I do, that marriage should be between any loving adult couple.

I have links bookmarked to a bunch of different news websites that specialize in LGBT news.  One of them is The Seattle Lesbian.  There they have posted a story titled Washington United for Marriage Launches Website to Dissect False Claims.  The article tells us that the four Catholic bishops in Washington call on parishioners to reject Referendum 74.  I guess they made some claims on how the referendum would hurt the state.  We’ve heard these claims before. What I really like is the fact sheet the group Washington United For Marriage has produced.  All the false claims are there and the truthful responses.  I love it and will keep it for all the wonderful information it provides.

When it comes to groups like the Roman Catholic Church I think about the title to the movie The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  This group is good in that it does a lot of really good work for some really needy people – including those who are LGBT and those who are HIV.  As such they are very commendable.  Add to that the majority of Roman Catholics support marriage equality which would make me say hats off, if I wore one, to this organization.  The bad part is the leadership of the church have other views.  They tell us that homosexuality is a choice and, as it leads to sex outside of marriage as they define it, it’s a sin.  Okay, it’s their religion so they can say what they want.  The problem here is they not only say it they want the rest of society to live it.  This now imposes on everyone who is not Roman Catholic.  Yes, this is bad.

And then there is the ugly.  The ugly are the lies they are willing to tell to “support” their claims.  Okay, some are these are statements open to interpretation and some are half-truths distorted a little but the end result is to say an untruth or a lie.  This is where it gets ugly.  Let’s make this perfectly clear – homosexuality is normal, it is not a choice and certainly not a sin.  Homosexuals are not pedophiles and they are as good a parent as anyone else and the fact sheet supports this.

As far as the good, the bad and the ugly goes, the LDS church fits this category too and are even worse when it comes to transsexuals.