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Being a friend doesn’t necessarily mean that they always have to agree.  I consider the blog witter Jillian Page a friend and I hope she feels the same towards me.

She recently wrote a blog responding to the I’m With Stupid column by Todd Hartley entitled How we pay to make murderers feel better.  It’s on the recent court decision to grant convicted murder Michelle Kosilek her surgery.  The surgery is commonly called sexual reassignment surgery and it’s the usual goal of many transsexuals.

Jillian has written on transsexuals and has switched to anything that she sees fit to write about.  She normally writes about subjects that effect LGBT people but the latest ones have been on Quebec politics.  I admire her on her writing and courage.

The blog I’m writing about is No Illusions: Massachusetts transgender case is unmitigated effrontery, writer says.  I disagreed with her view of the story and I wrote to leave a comment on the blog but she rejected it.  Okay, that’s fair and it’s part of what friendship is about that we don’t always have to agree.

So here was my response:

The SRS ruling on killer IS a victory for the transgender ‘community.’  To me it is obvious that the problem here isn’t that the person is in prison paying their debt to society, it’s the denial that transsexuals have a medical need for the surgery.  The article by Todd Hartley states “U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf ruled that taxpayer-funded sex-reassignment surgery was the only way to treat Kosilek’s “serious medical need.”  Let me repeat that – “serious medical need.”  This applies to all of us who desperately need this surgery.

A couple weeks ago an online friend of mine had her surgery done by the handsome doctor in Montreal and she recently posted on Facebook that she was crying tears because she was finally whole.  I blog under the name CompleteTeresa because, with this surgery, I feel complete as a person and as a woman.  This surgery IS necessary and anyone saying it is not is ignorant of the torment transsexuals go through.  I really don’t care what Michelle Kosilek had done in the past but I do care that she’s in an impossible situation.  Yes, she did the crime so she has to do the time but incarceration should never include torture and denying this surgery would be.

The admission by the judge that this surgery is necessary is not only important for those who would normally not be able to get it because they are in prison but it’s another stepping stone to the point where it will be available to more and more people including, as Todd Hartley puts it, “a person who has led an exemplary, virtuous life.”  In my opinion it’s for those who can not afford the operation and have done their best to be productive in society who, I sincerely hope, will eventually reap the benefits of this decision.

As a post script did anyone else notice that Michelle Kosilek was completely mis-gendered in this article?  To me that is a strong indication how the writer views transsexuals.

That’s my view.