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In the early 1950’s Christine Jorgensen transitioned and became one of the world’s most famous transsexuals. She wasn’t the first by any stretch of the imagination but managed to find her way into the spotlight.

Let’s change the subject a little and think about Apollo 11 and its lunar lander. 21 July 1969 the lunar lander landed on the moon. The news of this was everywhere! This was science fiction brought to life! Every little boy wanted to be an astronaut when they grew up! Now let’s go to the story of Apollo 13 which was intended to be the 3rd such landing. It didn’t quite make it. It was launched within a year of Apollo 11 but that launch barely made the news.

I don’t know how many transsexuals have come out since Christine Jorgensen but I’m sure the number is in the tens of thousands. With this many coming out and going through the process all over the world you’d think it was old stuff by now, right? Mine wasn’t in the news and I bet 99.9% of the other ones weren’t either. But there is always one who might be a little famous who hits the news because they are transitioning. Why? The media attention for the moon missions weren’t that attractive after the first ones so why are transsexuals now?

The difference is those who are the first get the spotlight. Sally Goldner of Transgender Victoria in the article Top barrister makes transition tells us:

“I think we’re still at the point where a transgender person is the first to transition, say in their field. So it’s the first known country singer, or punk musician, or astronaut, or anyone it’s still going to be news. That would be the simple answer as to why there is still that sense or pioneering to it,” she said.

In this case the first is a high powered criminal attorney in Australia. Of course I didn’t hear of him until I checked transgender news stories on my favourite LGBT website, http://www.advocate.com, and came across the article. I gather this was a big deal in Australia. I have to repeat myself and ask why. This should not be a big deal. All it’s fit for is gossip spreaders at best.

I can only guess the media thinks there’s something strange about transsexuals and they really should grow up. Sadly, I can’t change that but I can shake my head when ever I see it.