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I’m Canadian.  Not only am I a Canadian I’m proud to be one.  I know Canada isn’t perfect but I still think it’s the best country in the world.  But I’m biased.

I’m still reading about places in the US where women of a transsexual birth are assaulted either verbally and/or physically when using the women’s washroom.  There are some places where you need the right ID.  Okay, that’s in the US and us Canadians are above that, right?  Wrong.

The problem is here too and every time the federal or provincial governments try to add gender identity and gender expression to their human rights codes this ugly snake raises its head again.

The latest news is about the University of Victoria putting in gender neutral washrooms.  It’s not new as the article “University of Victoria fights gender discrimination with new co-ed bathroom facility” states that it’s been done at McGill, York University, University of Toronto, Dalhousie, and the University of British Colombia.

The article goes on to say “The unisex stalls will provide a safe haven for transsexual students who fear the questioning – and occasionally the abuse – they can receive for entering a single-sex-depicted door.”  I have problems with this.  Why would a woman born transsexual have any problems using a woman’s washroom?  If they do have problems shouldn’t the abusers be dealt with instead of the abused? Encouraging the victims to use a ‘special’ washroom seems more like ostracism.  Also, if I read the intent of this special washroom correctly, wouldn’t it become known as the transsexual washroom?  I’m sure this will really help the problem – NOT!

Seriously, this is the twenty-first century in the best country in the world so why are we even talking about garbage like this?  Why are we further abusing a segment of society that already is abused enough?  Iain Hunter’s column “UVic’s co-ed washrooms are a big deal” is a wonderful write-up of this problem.  You really should read it.