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I watched the video In a radical feminist world, there is no transphobia twice, the second time making a transcript which I’ve read over several times and I think it is mostly garbage.  It talks about a radical feminist world that will never exist.  Masculine and feminine traits will always exist but we’re seeing that they are becoming less definitive.  So it is possible that one day the truly feminine traits will be those that are the natural result of being female as opposed to those forced upon us by society.  I hope so.

As I’ve said, I’ve gone through this several times and I still can’t see how a radical feminist society would eliminate transphobia.  The point made clear on this video that in a radical feminist world there would be no differences on social roles and dress based on gender.  I suppose this could happen and this would mean that cross dressers would have nothing to cross dress to, I think.

What about transsexuals though?  The whole purpose of going through the process to get the surgery is to become the opposite sex.  Sex and gender, at least in this case, are not the same.  Part of the process is that transsexuals have to live a year fulfilling the gender role that society has set for the sex they need to be.  If there are no distinct gender roles to fulfill then the process will become easier but it will not remove the need for hormones and surgery for transsexuals to live a comfortable and productive life.

I found the statement about fuckability to be disturbing.  She somehow seems to think that only men looking at women do this.  Perhaps this is true in some cases but I get the feeling she’s never been to a place with male strippers where only women are in the audience.  I’m not going further on this line.

Her talk about the cotton ceiling just brings back the radical feminist view that women of transsex history have been exposed to male privilege.  I admit that I have reluctantly been part of it while living a false male persona.  It does not mean that I was a willing participant.  Since I started to transition I’ve been doing my best to unlearn all that comes with having to live a male existence.  The whole cotton ceiling garbage is a claim that transsexuals are upset that some lesbians will not consider them as partners not because of who they are but what they are.  Is it discrimination?  Maybe, but who really cares.  If I were to try to get involved with someone who is black and am turned away because I’m white would this be a problem?  No.  It’s sad that the person didn’t take the time to get to know me and made a decision base on whom I was but that’s life

I’m told there is a difference between RadFems and radical feminism.  Maybe that is true but I don’t know. What I do know is that RadFems flatly refuse to associate with women born transsexual in venues like the RadFem 2012 conference in the UK.  They don’t believe we are women to begin with and resent the male privilege we have enjoyed.  That’s their loss.