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As I’ve said in a previous post RadFems want nothing to do with women with transsex history and some, but not all, feel the same for men who became such as the result of transitioning.

I had a conversation, it you’d call it that, with such a woman in the comments of a story on the Advocate entitled Transgender Third-Grader Will Be Allowed to Use Girls’ Bathroom.  This RadFem would not get off the fact that MtF women were men and, as such, should never be allowed in women only spaces.  She firmly believed that the medical community were wrong in recognizing women with a transsex history as female.

It was a waste of breath talking to her but it did lead to a wonderful discovery.  On this subject RadFems are so crazed they have set up a blog called Gender Identity Watch that tracks legislation or proposed legislation that grant human right protections based on gender identity and possibly gender expression.  When I first started this blog I made note of these wonderful announcements with “It Does Get Better” posts.  With this website I think I’ll make monthly posts on all the good news for the transgender and transsexual community.

The first announcement under the “It Does Get Better” heading is about the township of Union Township, Michigan:

The proposed law would outlaw discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodation on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, marital status, physical or mental disability, height, weight, family status, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Apparently the township wanted to do the same as Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

The editor of this blog was really upset with the proposed definition of the word ‘sex’ with reads “SEX.  the actual biological state of being male or female as of birth, or subsequent alteration through surgical procedure, and without regard to any outward physical display or expression of gender identity.”  The part “or subsequent alteration through surgical procedure” was in italics, bold AND underlined.

It really tickles me pink that such a hateful group could provide us with such fantastic news.