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One thing leads to another as the expression goes. I was reading a news article in the Advocate, the online LGBT news source, LGBT Ugandans File Suit Against Antigay American Pastor Scott Lively and decided to search the internet on that subject and found an article on Xtra.ca, the Canadian LGBT news source, which had a similar article but also directed me to the San Diego Gay and Lesbian News (SDGLN.com) which had, what I believe to be, the actual case file – all 61 pages of it.

I’m only on page 30 so far but what I’ve read is nasty. It’s all lies spread, with help from Ugandan co-conspirators, about homosexuality. One positive note is that I’m learning what the Gay Agenda is supposed to be according to anti-gay activists. Ewwwee!!! I know I’ll need a shower after reading all this.

According to this joker the Nazi Party, made infamous by their activities before and during World War II, were led by homosexuals so they could dress up all tough like and screw other men and boys. Also, according to him, the porn industry is another tool of homosexuals so that they can erode the inhibitions of guys and gals so they can become sexual partners of gay men and women. I guess the idea is that if you watch men and woman make love and do other kinky things then the next thing is watching lesbian women do the same and that must lead to watching gay men. Once the porn industry has you doing that it’s a short step to gay sex, right? Okay, I’m having problems following this logic too.

Another thing on the Gay Agenda is the recruiting of children. According to this guy gays are after your kids to have sex with. One source I’ve read states “I have used as sources give figures for the United States ranging from 75% to 95% of sexual abuse being done by someone known to the child. One book cites the American Humane Association’s breakdown of sexual abusers into 42% who are a natural parent of the child, 23% who are some other blood relative, and 35% other (this included foster and step-parents).” That doesn’t leave a lot of room for homosexuals.

The truth is that there is no evidence that the children of gay or lesbian couples have ever been abused sexually. There is, apparently, evidence that children of gay parents do better than those of straight parents and children of lesbian parents do even better.

To get back to the subject I started out with let’s think about another ‘news’ article put out by World Net Daily titled Case claims pastor’s Christian beliefs are criminal. The website is obviously one that is anti-gay as it claims that Scott Lively was simply following his Christian beliefs about homosexuality. Okay, I’m Christian and I’ve done some research into homosexuality in the Bible and it isn’t there. There certainly isn’t any mention that homosexuals want boys to have sex with and the Nazi party didn’t exist during the time of Christ so I have to believe the writer of this article hasn’t read the case file yet.

This article seems to totally miss the point that Mr Lively was working to deny BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS to a group of people. It states that if anyone was working against special designations for homosexuals then they could be considered criminals. Okay, how did we get from basic human rights to special designations?

Let’s face it; Mr Lively was sharing far more than “his biblical views on homosexuality” if he’s talking about pink Nazis, gays running the porno industry and gays wanting boys. He’s working to deny rights gays, lesbians and transgender people.

If international law says this is a crime against humanity then so be it. In my opinion it certainly is a crime but one that may not be punishable in the United States with its first amendment laws. Too bad.