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I’m in a number of groups on Facebook and a discussion came up on the subject of translesbians. The one posting the question asked if there were any translesbians in the group and then identified herself as one.

Let’s just say that when I hear this term my spider senses get tingling. One problem with the term is that it mixes identity with orientation which any Trans activist would tell you do not go hand in hand. Also, it could be a dangerous term as there are some lesbians, namely RadFems, who don’t like women born transsex already. Let’s not give them any more ammunition as I’d much rather they make their own.

I’m kinda confused with orientation to begin with. I had known that in the general population something like 5% of the population were gay/lesbian and had thought that this would crossover to those who are transsex. There was the Injustice at Every Turn: A Report of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey. In this survey roughly a quarter of the respondents were each lesbian/gay, straight, queer, and bi. There were a handful of asexual and some ‘other’ but the roughly 25% in each category had surprised me. I don’t know how accurate this survey is but it does seem to me that there might be some crossover with the factors that would make one person gay and another transsex. Still, tacking the prefix trans on the word lesbian just makes things confusing.

I know that I did think of myself as transsexual when I was transitioning but I certainly don’t anymore. The prefix ‘trans’, according to Merriam-Webster means “on or to the other side of : across : beyond.” One thing about the transitioning process is that I’m now on the other side of which means the trans- part is now past tense. Well, I always was a woman, except when I was a girl, with the wrong parts. I knew this but none of my friends, family, co-workers, etc so my transitioning was more for them than it was for me. My operation was more to complete the process than to change me from one sex to the other. Even with SRS the process isn’t complete. This year I hope to get breast augmentation which should help resolve any lingering gender dysphoria. Wish me luck.