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Matthew 19:14 (NIV): Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Even as wisdom often comes from the mouths of babes, so does it often come from the mouths of old people. The golden rule is to test everything in the light of reason and experience, no matter from where it comes. – Mahatma Gandhi

I’m proud of her.  Until I read this article I hadn’t heard of her but I’m impressed now.  Sadie, an 11 year old girl, wrote an essay in response to the president’s inauguration speech.  This essay identifies that he missed the transgender people and their rights.  Okay, she said transgender individuals but there were some things in the article where I suspect she meant transsexual.  I found a copy of the president’s speech and she’s right – there’s no mention of trans, transgender or transsexual people or their rights anywhere.

She starts the essay saying “The world would be a better place if everyone had the right to be themselves” and I’m sure few would disagree with that.  She then goes on to tell him that transsexual kids have problems making friends because prospects are told by their parents not to, have difficulty finding a school or a doctors and how adults have problems finding a job.  She ended her letter saying “It really isn’t hard to like transgender people because we are like everyone else.”

I have a problem with parents who try to make the lives of some children miserable.  Christ has give us the command “do not hinder them” but it seems this is lost on some Christians in the US.  Sadie amazes me as she has risen above this and I’m certainly impressed.

The article goes on to say that she introduces herself like this: “Hi, I’m Sadie, my favorite color is pink, I’m vegan, and I’m transgender. Who are you?”  I’m thinking this girl would be a fantastic trans-advocate when she grows up.  I hope to hear more about Sadie as she’s off to a great start.  Please read the article and tell me what you think.