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Matthew 19:14 (NIV): Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

What can I say, lately we’ve been exposed to a number of news articles that deal with children in some way. The first one was a great story, the second was not so nice and this one has the potential to be fantastic – if it comes true. So, I’m onto part 3.

The Boy Scouts of America have been under a cloud of nasty publicity lately and it’s their shooting themselves in the foot. First there was the dismissal of a dedicated Cub Scout leader because she was lesbian. Her pack was outraged but that didn’t result in much. Then there was the story of a youth who had earned his Eagle Scout award but it was denied because he had come out as gay. Not that didn’t sound fair now did it? He earned it! This resulted in some Eagle Scouts returning their medals and badges in protest and one sent his to the Scout who had been denied. The outrage was growing. Then a Troop in Maryland had to remove a part of their nondiscrimination policy to toe the line with the BSA’s anti-gay discrimination or lose their charter. Isn’t this another form of bullying? The outrage grows more.

One thing you have to understand is that the majority supporter of the BSA is the LDS (Mormon) church. Apparently 70% of their funding comes from there. So you can guess who the BSA is listening to. The Girls Scouts on the otherhand, who accept both gay and transsexual girls, receive most of their money from corporate sponsors and little from churches. So who loses out? The answer is all the children who miss out on good leaders who just happen to be gay or lesbain and good kids who don’t deserve to be ostracized.

So the good news I was talking about is that the BSA is reconsidering this ban again and will “leave it up to individual troops to admit out scouts and leaders.” This will allow the Troop to reinstate it’s nondiscrimination policy and some troops to give gay kids their Eagle Scout award and a Cub Pack to get their den mother back. Yay team! But this won’t be true of a majority of these packs and troops because they will be controlled by religious groups like the Mormons so this story isn’t finished yet. Can I hope that the BSA will become completely gay inclusive in this lifetime? I won’t hold my breath.