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Sometimes fiction is truly a reflection of the reality we face daily. In many of the teen movies there are those who are portrayed as bullies and those who are portrayed as those bullied. Those who are bullied are usually deemed to be, in some way, different. In the movies a common target seems to be nerds but in real life it’s anyone who is different and those who are perceived as LGBT suffer this indignity.

We have to remember that there are those who suffer with this treatment frequently, sometimes on a daily basis. For some it reaches a point where it is too much and suicide seems to be the only option as they can’t find an alternative. I picked the title Let’s “Get Rid of Spirit Day” not that is isn’t needed but because the reason for it’s existence should never be.

It angers me to read stories like the recent suicide of the fifteen year old Jadin Bell. He had to endure extreme bullying by his classmates. It was so bad that the boy, apparently, had asked his parents to home school him because the bullying was so bad. My question is “Who’s at fault here?”

In the summer of 2010 there were a rash of suicides by gay youth and one young Canadian woman thought they should be remembered. Her name is Brittany McMillan. She got on Tumblr and suggested that everyone wear purple on the twentieth of October to remember these deaths and the bullying behind it. The day became Spirit Day and I remember purchasing a purple blouse to wear because I didn’t have anything purple in my wardrobe.

So who IS at fault here? Sex advice columnist Dan Savage, in the article Spirit Day to honor recent homosexual suicide victims, is quoted as saying:

“There are accomplices out there: uncaring teachers, criminally negligent school administrators, classmates who bullied and harassed Tyler,” said Savage. “ ‘Christian’ churches and hate groups that warp some young minds and torment others, politicians on the right and left who exploit and perpetuate anti-gay prejudice, perhaps even Tyler’s own family.”

In my opinion it’s the uncaring teachers, the negligent school administrators, the parents and every single adult who came in contact on a regular basis with this child. All of them should have seen there was a problem and taken steps to correct or alleviate it. There needs to be training on what the education system can do to combat bullying for any reason. There should be no reason for Spirit Day or any day like it. There should be no reason for family to have to bury a child for this reason.

On more point on the title I gave this blog – while bullying of LGBT children takes place we need Spirit Day to draw attention to the needless deaths of those bullied to commit suicide. I, at first, wanted to name it Do Not Hinder Them – Part 5 but that wouldn’t be totally correct. I do want to hinder those children who would bully another. I do want to hinder those who are bullied from taking their own life. This has to stop!