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When I first read the article How Lesbians Took Back Buffalo the one word that came to mind is ‘Wow!’ as in an exclamation of surprise, wonder, pleasure, or the like (yes, I looked it up to see if it could, even remotely, be considered a word). I’ve always wondered if there was a lesbian bar anywhere near where I lived and now I see I really don’t need one. What an outstanding idea and I hope the Advocate article excites the lesbian community in other locals to set up their own version.

What one woman in Buffalo did is talk among women about the temporary taking over a bar to meet, have some drinks, dance and generally have fun while maintaining a respectful nature to the staff and other customers. The organizer opened a Facebook page to advertise this event and I guess the word spread from there. The first event had something like 100 participants and subsequent ones had over 200. It has become so popular that business owners have been offering their location for this event. Again, I say “Wow!”

The question I have is how welcome women who were born transsex would be. I get the impression from the website that we’d be welcome by the group but I’m sure some would complain or then maybe not. I’d like to visit and find out.