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The title of this is directed to anyone who claims there is something wrong with homosexuality and/or transsexuality. Seriously, they just don’t get it.

There once was an attitude that both were a mental health issues and medical science has, and is, rethinking that. Homosexuality was determined not to be a mental health issue. It’s natural that some would be more attracted to the same sex than the opposite one. For transsexuals the DSM-V, not yet officially released, has changed Gender Identity Disorder to Gender Dysphoria. It’s still not great that it’s in the DSM at all, as this is a medical problem not a psychological one, but it’s an improvement.

If science says it naturally occurs then what is the problem? The problem is that some people believe it’s unnatural and distasteful and will use any justification to harass those who are LGBT. They find some old scriptures that have been mistranslated or misinterpreted and scream at the top of their lungs that this is against God’s will and against human nature. Let’s not mention that these scriptures are two thousand years old and were instructions to a people in different cultures that existed at that time. These cultures, like they all do, have passed on into the dust of history.

I’m not saying the Bible doesn’t apply to this time but one really must view it with some common sense. The teachings of Jesus, the Christ that forms the basis of the Christian religion, said nothing about homosexuality. He even cured the ‘servant’ of the Centurion without raising an eyebrow at their relationship, yet some Christian leaders let that little passage slip by without commenting on.

It’s these Christian leaders who are the biggest problem in the ‘western’ world. Most people don’t study the Bible with a view of the context is which it was written. They forget that it was written for a people who lived two thousand years ago and that some of the instructions can’t be fit into today’s society. They don’t bother to learn that the two passages in Leviticus were written to discourage people from following another religion present at that time. The first chapter of Romans is the same but for a different religion in a different location and time. In that chapter it even says it’s about those who have turned their back on God and have resorted to idol worship yet anti-gay religious leaders have warped it to mean homosexuality.

I really wish that people would close the Bible and do some real thinking. This universe is wondrously complex and, it’s my belief that it could not have happened by accident. On this planet there is a huge diversity of animal and plant life that confirms my belief in God. They are still finding plants in remote places like Brazil that have never been seen before and might hold cures for all kinds of problems. There’s an expression that not two snowflakes are alike. Our fingerprints are unique to us and none are the same. Yet religious leaders try to tell us that there is only one form of sexuality and the gender identity is the one you’re physically born with. Huh?

There’s a saying I read some time ago and it may still be true today. Neuroscience has learned 80% of what they know now in the last 10 years. That means that the 100% they know now will only be 20% of what they’ll know in 10 years. Whoa! That’s how complex and wonderful the human mind is. They already know that the brains of men and women are different and that people who are born with male parts but identify as women, for example, predominately have a brain more in common with females than with the sex indicated by the external parts.

Science has shown that both homosexuality and transsexuality are natural occurrences in humanity and nature. Studies have shown that homosexual relationships are as stable as heterosexual ones and children do as well in both. That religious leaders would tell complete lies about gay men wanting to abuse children is detestable. They tell us that homosexuality and transsexuality is a choice and we know that is another lie. They just don’t get it. They generate hatred and that itself it totally against the teachings of Christ. They think the gay and lesbian sex act is icky and that may be the basis of their opinion. Guys must cringe when thinking of women born transsex getting their ‘male’ parts removed. That this is an indication of how intense their need for medical correction is seems to escape them.

Thankfully there are many who know that anti-gay attitudes are wrong. Many corporations are withdrawing financial support to groups that discriminate against gays and lesbians. The Boy Scouts of America are feeling that pinch to the point that they are thinking of allowing homosexual youth to be members. They still won’t allow gay and lesbian leaders and I hope that will keep the corporations away until they correct this attitude. We’ll see.

Many businesses have shown their support for the LGB and maybe T. Last year Oreo had a picture of one of their cookies with multiple layers in the rainbow flag colours. Recently there was a picture put up by Grey Poupon which was a take-off from its 1981 “Pardon Me” campaign. It showed two guys holding hands from the windows of two different cars and has the caption on its Facebook page “June is National Pride month. Though the festivities technically only last a month, we recommend celebrating all year – because Pride and good taste never go out of season.” It’s true, good taste never goes out of season. This all goes to show that homosexuality and transsexuality isn’t a problem for those that think intelligently.

Is it possible to be religious and support those who are LGBT? Of course it is. There are churches who welcome them with open arms and some even have gay, lesbian, bisexual or transsexual ministers or pastors. If you really think about the teachings of Christ you’ll have no problem with attending a same-sex marriage or voting for marriage equality. It’s the intelligent and Christian thing to do. Like the advertisement says “Good taste never goes out of season”