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I tried to post a comment in response to an article, “Edmonton Catholic school bans transgender child, 7, from girls’ washroom“, I read on CBC News but their moderator rejected it. I guess they didn’t like what I said about the Roman Catholic Church. Too bad. So I posted a second comment instead. If I have something to say I will say it and the CBC can get stuffed.

First Comment

The Roman Catholic Church is not really a religious organization but a political one. Leaders within the church are more interested in power and promotion than looking after the flock. To get promoted they must show hatred toward anyone who does not conform to their ideals and this is obviously contrary to the teachings of Christ. It was worse in the time of Martin Luther and his reaction was, in part, the cause of the protestant reformation. As you can see, this attitude of the RC Church hasn’t really changed much. They ignore medical science, yet again, and deny that transsexuality is a medical condition. A child who appears to be born male will always be male regardless of what competent medical personal may determine. The fact that this girl’s medically diagnosed conflict is denied by the RC Church should not be a huge surprise but be expected. I do not include everyone who belongs to the Roman Catholic Church as many, maybe most, understand the plight of those born transsex or who are otherwise gender variant. It’s the leadership who seem to be at odds with the rest. I just hope the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal can act with greater speed in this case.

Second and approved comment

First of all I am a woman born transsex (woman born with the wrong parts) and transitioned later in life. As a youth I was constantly bullied and thank God that cell phones and the internet did not exist then to prolong my torment after school and on weekends. As I didn’t transition while at school I don’t know the effects bullying would have on such a girl but I am sure that it’s not good.

But to have someone who you trusted be the bully is especially harmful. This school is bullying this poor girl by saying she’s not real, a sinner and someone outside society. They do this by making her use an “other” washroom. The article states that the child has been diagnosed as having gender dysphoria yet this diagnosis was ignored by the school. It’s another case of religion versus science and this should not be a huge surprise to anyone who has read the history of this church.

I do know that children as young as 2 have expressed a difficulty with the sex they were being brought up as and it usually becomes clearer from the ages 4 to 8. 7 years old certainly fits within this age range. There are cases where this belief that they are the wrong sex will change as they get older, and it’s good that it does, but many times it doesn’t. This is one reason why the operation is not usually available until the person reaches the age of 18. However, what is wrong with allowing the child to reach this conclusion naturally? What is wrong with a girl using the girl’s washroom even though she has a penis? It’s not like a 7 year old could do anything with it other than pee!

There are other comments to the effect that a boy is a boy and will always be a boy. Who decides who is a boy and who isn’t? As I’ve said in reply to some comments – sometimes a girl has a penis too.

They also had a limit on the length of my statement or I would have said more. Have a good day.