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I not only read articles but, by the magic of the internet, I read some of the comments too. This one was to an article in Pink News “Girl Scouts under fire for allowing transgender girls to join” and I really liked it so I’m repeating it here.

Julian Morrison

Science says one thing, you say another. Guess why? Because you learnt a bunch of things as a kid and you hang onto them as “facts of reality” rather than theories subject to being examined against evidence. And you are determined to keep them because you built your identity on them. When trans people threaten that identity, it drives you to lash out at trans people to beat back the dissonance inside your own head.

This is what being a bigot feels like. A bigot always feels attacked by their victim. A racist feels under siege by black people. A misogynist feels that women want to emasculate him. A transphobe feels that trans people want to invade female spaces for some unspecified evil reason.

I don’t know how true this is but it does sound good. Is it really that simple though. After a quick Google I found this article “Bigotry, Ignorance and Fear” which is also an interesting read.