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Rob Ford is known as a self admitting crack user, an alcoholic* and a definite homophobe has endorsed Harper. Except for being homophobic, a word that also describes the Prime Minister, Rob Ford represents what the Conservative Party’s view on drug abuse doesn’t. As the mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford was known as a joke around the world. Mr Harper, if this is the kind of person you want to endorse you then I can only pray that 19 October is your last day as the Prime Minister of Canada.


* To be honest I haven’t heard any more Rob Ford drinking stories since he obtained therapy but that may be due to the fact that he’s no longer mayor of Toronto and not covered as much by the media.

I had to add this comment: Dong Ford when questioned by his support of Harped went on a tirade of Justin Trudeau and I really don’t think he understood what he was saying. He said that if Justin tried to get a job at a company he would be considered fit to sweep the floors. Think about it, if Doug considers an educated, intelligent man only fit to sweep the floors what does that mean about his supporters in Toronto. Many of them do not have the education that Justin has. What does he really consider their abilities to be? Where would they fit into this company he has imagined?