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OMG!  It’s been a year since I’ve posted anything here.  I’ll have to get back in the habit of posting more often.  I also have news!  I have a radio show with one of the community radio stations here.  It’s all about transgender issues and usually a live show.  It’s all pre-records over Christmas as I’d like a break.  The first show in January will be the last of the Fall Season and will complete my first season with the station.

I think the show will continue in the future as there seems to be a lot of subjects to talk about – more than what I thought in the beginning.  It seems that some subjects can’t be fully covered in a half-hour show and some shows give me other ideas of other things to cover.

As for those pre-records, they are a set of three about transgender myths and misconceptions.  I hate doing pre-records.  They are not as easy as live shows but they do allow for the correction of some mistakes.  If the show is live then what goes on during the show goes out over the air and any errors can ‘t be undone.  One sad thing is we can’t do call-ins as we can’t have someone pre-clear the calls and sort out the oddballs.  There are some nutcases out there as you can imagine.  It comes with the territory.

So, for now I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.  Please don’t drink and drive over the holiday season and keep yourself safe.